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Your player will participate in small sided games.  100% will be graded via the small sided games.

In the games the player will be graded by using the following categories:

Technical: dribbling, passing, shooting/finishing,

Tactical: Attacking, Defending, awareness,  as well as coachability.

All the assessors will be impartial to the group that they are assessing.

How do we figure out a players final score?

We gather the data and come out with a final roster placement for your player.  In addition to the data collected we use the following information:

- Results from previous seasons (if applicable)
- Director of Coaching evaluation
- Competitive Director evaluation
- Coaches feedback from the season

If your player is unable to attend you MUST still register for the tryouts and your player will be assessed based on the points above.

STMA Utd - Team Formations